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Is your teen or tween ice hockey fan looking for hockey fiction to read? Do you need to encourage a reluctant reader to pick up a book? 

Score A Goal For Reading with the Hockey Rivals Books.

Teen & Tween Ice Hockey Books 

Hockey Rivals Book 1: 

A #1 Bestseller on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Hockey Fiction List

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Head-to-head, skate-to-skate, It’s winner takes all in this ice hockey classic! Rival twin brothers battle on and off the ice in this bestselling hockey book written when Stacy was just 16-years-old. Discover why this compelling young adult sports novel, written by a teen for teens, has charmed ice hockey fans and players for decades. As a result, it has appeared on many reading lists including Best Books for Young Teen Readers Grades 7-10 and a list produced by the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Junior Education Program.

What The Fans Are Saying…

“This book is about hockey, but it is about more than that, too, and also shows how parents can impact their kids’ life and how to deal with change. This book reminds me of Miracle.” Review and React

“I don’t often give a full five rating to a book I’m reviewing and especially when it’s not in a genre I usually enjoy, but I have to say Face Off had me drawn in from the beginning and I read it in all one sitting. I thoroughly enjoyed it despite not being a teen and knowing nothing about ice hockey.” The Masquerade Crew

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Hockey Rivals Book 2: 

Face-Off’s McKendrick brothers return in the explosive sequel, Offsides. Twin ice hockey stars T.J. and Brad have finally resolved their differences and forged a friendship on and off the ice. Now high school seniors, they focus on landing a commitment to a D1 school, but what should have been the best year ever takes a nasty hit. With a championship title and their futures at stake, T.J. and Brad must fight to keep from going offsides.

Notes From Ice Hockey Fans:

“I really loved your book, and liked the part where all the brothers went to the caves, and T.J. and Brad got into a fight over Sherry. I learned a lot of stuff from this book. Like if your brother is on the same team, don’t mess it up for the whole team. You should not underestimate your teammates. I’d love to know if you are going to write any more books.” Seth from Virginia

“I’ve just recently read your book and thought it was awesome. As I was reading this book, I became attached to it and could not put it down. I would recommend this book to tons and tons of people…your style of writing is terrific, and I hope to locate more of your outstanding books.” Nick from Michigan

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Much to my dismay, my 6th grade hockey player doesn’t care for reading. We gave him your Face Off book at Christmas and he loved it! Thank you for helping to contribute to my efforts to show him that reading can be fun!

Kristin in Connecticut 


Stacy Juba does a great job showing the emotional issues both boys are facing. I could see many kids and adults relating to this story. I recommended this book to my son and the kids on his PeeWee hockey team.

Diane's Book Blog


Lots of action and emotional upheaval ensure that this will be a popular book for boys as well as girls. This reviewer’s YA Book Review Group gave it nine points out of a possible ten for ‘Good Read’ status.