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Hockey Videos On YouTube Geared Toward Hockey Families

by Jan 4, 2019Hockey Rivals, Sports Books

I’m excited to share that I’ve been working on the first hockey videos for my new YouTube channel.

Who would’ve thought that I’d be putting hockey videos on YouTube? As an introvert, I never thought I was the YouTuber type. I hope you’ll check out my channel, Writer Tips & Book Chats With Stacy Juba. I’ll be talking more about my books, recommending other authors’ books, and sharing writing tips and tutorials. Oh yes, and I will be doing some videos of interest to hockey families. 

I must admit, all of the technology is intimidating. I’m learning how to use screencasting software, a Yeti microphone, a webcam, and how to edit video and audio. I hope you’ll subscribe and cheer me on as I learn what the heck I’m doing.

In my first hockey video on YouTube which I embedded above, I give a tour of the Hockey Rivals Books website. Obviously if you’re reading this, then you discovered the website. I’m glad you’re here, as I created the website to help readers find my Hockey Rivals books for middle grade and high school kids.

To date, the series includes Face-Off, which was published when I was a teenager, and Offsides, published over 25 years later. There’s an interesting story behind that, which I’ll share in a couple of upcoming videos. But for now, let me tell you more about why I created this hockey website and blog.

My original website,, highlights all of my books across different genres and age groups. I’ve written adult mystery novels, I write the Storybook Valley chick lit series, I’ve published a young adult paranormal thriller, and I’ve even published a children’s book about the U.S. flag code. I felt, however, as if my hockey books were getting lost in the shuffle. I know there is an audience for the books, as I’m grateful to see some sales every day, but I don’t think many people were finding them through my website.

I wanted to make my hockey books easier for readers to find and to connect with more hockey families and organizations, so that’s why I created the Hockey Rivals site. 

Face-Off is about twin brothers Brad and T.J. McKendrick, who don’t get along and pretty much avoid each other until T.J. switches schools. They wind up playing on the same high school hockey team, which does not go well, at least not at first. The story also delves into their family life, which includes troubled younger brothers and parents who may be separating.

You’ll notice that I’ve sprinkled snippets from some of my favorite reviews and fan letters throughout the site.  I love this one: “I read your book, Face-Off, and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. You write some of the best books I’ve read in my life.” 

Offsides takes place during the boys’ senior year. They’re both chasing a D-1 scholarship and there’s a lot of tension going on. T.J.’s father doesn’t want him to delay college to play junior, Brad screws up and does something that could affect his game eligibility, and their parents are divorcing. Plus, both of the twins are having girl trouble. 

I hope you enjoy the excerpts of the books and the Audible sample of Face-Off that you’ll find on the site. Click on the book titles above, and the links will take you to the samples.

The About Stacy page tells more about me and explains why the book covers say Stacy Drumtra-Juba even though it was easier to list them with the retailers under Stacy Juba. In a nutshell, I wrote the first book when I was sixteen-year-old Stacy Drumtra, and now I write under my married name, Stacy Juba. You can see a picture of me as a teenager at my first book signing, and a more recent picture. Ahem, I’m a bit blonder now…

I’m very excited about the blog component of the website, which will feature posts about hockey books for tweens and tweens, sports books for teens and tweens, hockey movies, hockey gifts, hockey videos, and resources of interest to hockey families. I’m also seeking guest bloggers! If you want to review a book or product that would be of interest to hockey families, or if you want to write something about your organization, then be sure to get in touch with me. I’d also love to have some book reviews submitted about hockey or sports books, especially books geared toward kids or hockey families. Reviews from students are welcome. Feel free to email me through my Contact page.

Speaking of my Contact page, even if you’re not interested in guest blogging, drop me a line and say hello. If you’d like, I can also send you an email with a personalized note to glue into the book. I’ve corresponded with a lot of moms and grandmothers that have given the books as gifts and appreciate the bonus of adding a personal inscription.

If you want to order several copies of the books, maybe for a hockey team, then you can check out my Bulk Offer page for a special offer.


I hope you enjoy my hockey videos on YouTube! I’d love it if you could subscribe on YouTube, like the video, and leave me a comment. Do you have any ideas for blog posts or videos that would be of interest to hockey families?


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