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5 Children’s Hockey Books Named Face-Off

There aren't a whole lot of children' hockey books out there. How ironic that so many of them are named Face-Off! When I named my children's hockey book Face-Off many years ago, it seemed like the perfect title. After all, it was a hockey term and it also represented...

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Welcome to the Hockey Rivals Books Blog

Welcome! I'm super-excited to be launching a website showcasing my Hockey Rivals novels for young adults. I wrote the first one, Face-Off, when I was a teenager and published the second one, Offsides, 26 years later. As it turns out, even 26 years later, there aren't...

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Is your teen or tween ice hockey fan looking for hockey fiction to read?  Do you need to encourage a reluctant reader to pick up a book? 

Score A Goal For Reading with the Hockey Rivals Books.

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